Enso Integrated Wellness | Meet Jenn
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Meet Jenn

Hello… I’m Jenn (she/her)


I’m human too. I feel the same wave of emotions from sadness to pure joy just like you. My humanity is what helps inform and support my work. I also have a therapist. Yep! We all could use some extra support and I find seeking professional therapy a very courageous choice. What I love about my work is learning about you. And having the tools and openness to help you explore ideas, questions, beliefs, and struggles around life and sexuality.  Together, we will talk about it! The elephant in the room, the taboo topic, that uncomfortable belief that has caused you distress. I want to help you feel liberated to be who you are in the healthiest way. By being down-to-earth, friendly and inserting humor at the appropriate times, I will journey with you through life’s most challenging, intriguing and enlightening moments. My goal is to help educate and normalize variety. Normal is not the goal. Healthy is the goal. A healthier relationship with yourself and those you choose to interact with is the goal. 

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time focusing on my own wellness. Some of those things include going for a run, enjoying a fresh cup of black coffee, sleeping in and going to a late brunch or simply spending quality time with loved ones. Aside from being a mental health professional, I advocate for mental health awareness and resource inclusivity in communities of Color and I am the founder of Austin Therapists of Color, a monthly meetup that provides a safe, supportive space for mental health professionals working in clinics, hospitals, non-profits, government, academia, private practice and other therapeutic settings. 




What is Ensō Integrative Wellness?

I am deeply inspired by the ensō. The ensō is a Zen Buddhist symbol which translates to the word ‘circle or ‘circular form’. The ensō is an image of a circle typically drawn in one single brushstroke and is also used as a meditative practice. The creation of the ensō is uninhibited and highlights the moment “the mind is free to let the body create. ” Drawing the ensō requires the artist to be fluid and committed to the process of creation. There is no do-over. What you create, is what you see. 


I find many parallels in the significance of the ensō and how we exist in our waking lives. The body is always communicating with us whether we are conscious of it or not. To achieve greater wellness, we must include and have compassion for the many parts that make us who we are. The symbolism of the ensō helps inform a more holistic approach to therapy. My goal is to help inspire improvement in your overall wellness by tending to the various intersections and identities you carry.